FreeBSD Monitor
2014-11-28 11:20:16
- Add empty directories to plist
2014-11-28 11:20:09
- Add empty directories to plist
2014-11-28 11:19:53
print/muttprint: provide option to build it without X11 support

PR: 194283
Submitted by: Frank Wall
Approved by: maintainer timeout
2014-11-28 11:19:53
- Update to 0.93
- Convert to USES=autoreconf
- Fix LDFLAGS/LIBS misuse
- Convert highscore handling to @sample
2014-11-28 10:35:30
Add two new ports: bbfreeze and bbfreeze-loader (helper script).

bbfreeze creates standalone executables from Python scripts. It's similar
in purpose to the well known py2exe for Windows, py2app for OS X, PyInstaller
and cx_Freeze (in fact ancient versions were based on cx_Freeze.
And it uses the modulegraph package, which is also used by py2app).

It has the following features:

- ZIP/Egg file import tracking
- Binary dependency tracking (e.g. shared libraries)
- Multiple script freezing support
- Python interpreter included (named 'py')
- Automatic pathname rewriting (pathnames in tracebacks are relative)
- New distutils command: bdist_bbfreeze

2014-11-28 10:02:20
databases/py-postgresql: Support python 3.4

When python 3 only is specified, building the port tries to install
python 3.3 even if python 3.4 is requested, so this change addresses that.

PR: 194656
Submitted by: Axel Rau (
Approved by: maintainer timeout
2014-11-28 09:50:35
sysutils/vagrant: Fix error setting certificate verify locations

While here, remove @dirrm and make port pass stage-qa checks. Also wrap
lines to respect 80 columns.

PR: 194578
Reported by: Fabian Borschel
Fixed by: maintainer (Joe Benden)
2014-11-28 09:21:56
altgraph is a fork of graphlib: a graph (network) package for constructing
graphs, BFS and DFS traversals, topological sort, shortest paths, etc. with
graphviz output.

2014-11-28 09:05:47
Add new port www/seahub

PR: 193135
Submitted by: Jingfeng Yan

Seahub is the web frontend for seafile-server.
2014-11-28 05:49:38
Update Perforce related ports to 2014.2/962050.
Fix typo in fallback URI on a couple of the ports.

Differential Revision:
Approved by: mat (mentor), erwin (mentor)
MFH: 2014Q4
2014-11-28 04:23:58
textproc/libucl: Add lots of OPTIONS

- Update pkg-plist accordingly
- Enable verbose building (--disable-silent-rules)
- Add regression-test target
2014-11-28 02:35:02
textproc/libucl: Universal configuration library parser [NEW]

Libucl is a parser and C API to parse and generate ucl objects. Libucl
consists of several groups of functions:

* Parser functions
* Emitting functions
* Conversion functions
* Generation functions
* Iteration functions
* Validation functions
* Utility functions


Requested by: lattera
2014-11-28 02:12:42
archivers/ucl: Strip files, Add CONFLICTS (libucl)

- Strip installed binaries and libraries
- Add CONFLICTS against libucl
- pkg-descr: Strip trailing-slash from WWW:
Ports Updating
AFFECTS: users of lang/perl5.*
AUTHOR: [email protected]

There was a nasty bug introduced in the update below, it was introduced in
svn revision 373476 and corrected in 373485. If you get errors looking like
this one:

===> Registering installation for p5-Params-Util-1.07_1 as automatic
pkg-static: lstat(/usr/ports/devel/p5-Params-Util/work/stage/usr/local/./usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/mach/5.16/auto/Params/Util/.packlist): No such file or directory
*** [fake-pkg] Error code 74

You will have to wipe your ports tree clean. If using portsnap, with:

portsnap extract

If using subversion:

svn revert -R
Ports Updating
AFFECTS: users of lang/perl5.*
AUTHOR: [email protected]

The .packlist files are back, if you upgraded all your p5- ports yesterday
and need them, you will need to reinstall them again, see yesterday's update
for instructions.
2014-11-27 22:17:26
- Remove LICENSE, this is a restricted firmware so I doubt it's under BSD license
- Allow staging as a regular user
- Cleanup
2014-11-27 21:57:11
net/malo-firmware-kmod: NEW PORT - Marvell Libertas 88W8335 firmware

Marvell Libertas 88W8335 firmware files are not free because Marvell
refuses to grant distribution rights. As a result, we need to build the
firmware using ports.

This firmware files are comed from OpenBSD malo driver.


PR: 193588
Submitted by: Juan Ramon Molina Menor <[email protected]>
2014-11-27 21:44:59
Extend expiration date of 3 months, *coin ports still need it and now
audio/jack needs it too

With hat: portmgr