FreeBSD Monitor
2014-11-27 18:37:53
- Unbreak build (again)
- Remove DOCS option, this option installed API documentation, not end-user
- Adjust GNOME dependencies, when GTK3 is set

Reported by: pkg-fallout
2014-11-27 18:32:21
Mark BROKEN: Fails to build

cc -D WITH_MAIN -D WITH_WEBKIT -W -Wall -g -O2 -pedantic `pkg-config --cflags libSystem gtk+-2.0 webkit-1.0` -c download.c
download.c:379:17: error: variable has incomplete type 'struct in_addr'

Reported by: pkg-fallout
2014-11-27 18:28:36
Mark BROKEN: Checksum and size mismatch

Reported by: pkg-fallout
2014-11-27 18:27:27
Mark BROKEN: Fails to build
CC ggit-cred-ssh-interactive.lo
ggit-cred-ssh-interactive.c:172:28: error: subscript of pointer to incomplete type 'const LIBSSH2_USERAUTH_KBDINT_PROMPT' (aka 'const struct _LIBSSH2_USERAUTH_KBDINT_PROMPT')
text = g_strndup (prompts[i].text, prompts[i].length);

Reported by: pkg-fallout
2014-11-27 18:01:36
- Fix build on i386
- Mark broken on pre-clang (does not build due to lack of proper c++11 support)

Approved by: portmgr blanket
2014-11-27 16:18:41
- Add required run-depend. Without it, only empty window is rendered

Approved by: rakuco
2014-11-27 16:14:14
- Clarify LICENSE
- Convert conditional BROKEN to BROKEN_sparc64
- Remove empty documentation directories to avoid complaints from stage-qa
2014-11-27 15:38:54
- Add empty directory to plist
- Fix tab after WWW:
2014-11-27 15:37:21
Add support for profiles (to start several haproxy instances each with it's own
2014-11-27 15:14:39
Update to 1.8.12.

Drop :keepla from USES=libtool.
Add CPE data.
2014-11-27 15:03:43
Turn on the LCD_FILTERING option by default for sub-pixel rendering. [1]
Drop :keepla from USES=libtool

Approved by: core@ [1]
2014-11-27 14:48:48
Update to 10.3.4.

Enable TEXTURE option in dri by default [1]. This allows for OpenGL higher
then 2.1 to be supported.
Make sure we depend on llvm at run time when gallium is enabled.
The gallium based modules link to the llvm shared libraries. [2]

PR: followup on 194655 [2]
Approved by: core@ [1]
Obtained from: xorg-dev repo
2014-11-27 14:02:47
- Update from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4
- Use install-strip as INSTALL_TARGET
2014-11-27 13:54:06
Do not install gnupg(7) manpage to allow installing in parallel of regular gnupg
People using spamassing can now still use it while having anything else using
newer gnupg

With hat: portmgr
2014-11-27 13:14:24

Sponsored by: Absolight
2014-11-27 13:14:08
Remove redundant CPE_VENDOR definition.

Reported by: des
MFH: 2014Q4
2014-11-27 13:14:04
Fix libEGL and libGLESv2 conflict between libEGL/libglesv2 and the
nvidia-driver port in the same fashion it was done as the conflict
with the libGL port.

Mesa ports:
Add pkg-[de]install scripts to handle the symlinks in the libEGL
and libglesv2 port.
Move pkg-[de]install scripts of libGL out of files/
Put the real mesa libraries into lib/.mesa so we don't have each
port create a directory for it own use.

Only apply the and alternative install
directory if nvidia-driver actually ships them. Copied from
PR submitter, since it was much cleaner then my initial attempt.
Make pkg-install script check if the nvidia-driver port installed
the libEGL/libglesv2 libraries and only then make the symlinks.
This should allow the script to work with the slave ports which
don't install these libraries.
Make the pkg-deinstall script check if the mesa version of
the libEGL/libGLESv2 libraries are installed before trying to
recreate the symlinks of those ports.

PR: 194924
Submitted by: Gerard Seibert <[email protected]>
Approved by: portmgr (angrybapt)
2014-11-27 12:37:47
- Drop @dirrm* from plist
2014-11-27 12:06:05
- Remove options' descriptions which are already in the standard pool
- Improve wording and make sure they all fit nicely in 80-char window

Approved by: maintainer (koobs)