FreeBSD Monitor
2014-09-02 15:06:20
Add multimedia/x265, the H.265/High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) codec.

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the latest generation video compression

* This standard was developed by the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group
(MPEG) and ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG), through their Joint
Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC)

* HEVC is also known as ISO/IEC 23008-2 MPEG-H Part 2 and ITU-T H.265

* HEVC provides superior video quality and up to twice the data compression
as the previous standard (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)

* HEVC can support 8K Ultra High Definition video, with a picture size up to
8192x4320 pixels

2014-09-02 15:05:37
M /head/x11-toolkits/gtkmathview/Makefile

- Add USES=libtool and bump dependent ports
- Add USES=iconv to fix build on FreeBSD 10
2014-09-02 14:44:06
Delete calls to g_thread_init. It isn't needed with glib 2.32 and up
and the port doesn't link with libgthread-2.0.

Reported by: antoine
2014-09-02 14:42:41
Add missing library libgmodule-2.0

Reported by: antoine
2014-09-02 14:36:29
Make aware of (owner,group,perm) syntax for keywords

Differential Revision:
Reviewed by: bapt
With hat: portmgr
2014-09-02 14:26:21
Simplify a bit plist by using new syntax
2014-09-02 14:24:36
Add missing library libgmodule-2.0

Reported by: antoine
2014-09-02 14:10:49
Remove now useless @cwd /
and pkg_install hacks
2014-09-02 13:42:23
New port: mosesdecoder.

Moses is a statistical machine translation system that allows you to
automatically train translation models for any language pair. All you
need is a collection of translated texts (parallel corpus). Once you have a
trained model, an efficient search algorithm quickly finds the highest
probability translation among the exponential number of choices.

2014-09-02 13:39:32
Commit the changes to devel/cmake's Makefile that should've been part of r366996.

Still no idea how it wasn't committed.
2014-09-02 13:25:18
Users report Geo::IP giving a warning about
warn: Use of uninitialized value $hasStructureInfo in numeric eq (==) at (eval 34) line 5477
until Geo::IP is rebuilt after r366333.

Bump PORTREVISION to be on the safe side here.