FreeBSD Monitor
2014-07-23 20:33:53
Update to the 201425 snapshot.

PR: 192006
Submitted by: [email protected] (maintainer)
2014-07-23 20:11:10
Clean up databases/rrdtool

Change library dependensies to use USES= where applicable.
Build ports documentation and examples, depending on respective option.
Add two new options, NLS and GRAPH, the GRAPH option enables the rrdtool graph
command, which pulls in cario and a lot of other dependencies. [1]
Add missing dependencies.
Becase of shlib version bump, bump portrevision on depending ports.

PR: 192024 [1] (based on)
Submitted by: asomers
Approved by: portmgr (blanket, portrevision bumps)
2014-07-23 20:10:23
Take maintainership again.

Note: to be upgraded with french/aster.
2014-07-23 20:00:28
- Fix build on 11-CURRENT
2014-07-23 19:56:59
Update to 0.2.9

PR: 192058
Submitted by: [email protected] (maintainer)
2014-07-23 19:53:11
M /head/x11-toolkits/py-qt4-gui/Makefile
M /head/x11-toolkits/py-qt4-gui/pkg-plist

Update PyQt to 4.11.1, QScintilla to 2.8.3 and SIP to 4.16.2.

... And bump PORTREVISION on ports that depend on devel/qscintilla2 due to
the shlib version change.

This is brought to you by the KDE on FreeBSD team. Besides updating to newer
upstream releases, this commit also contains a lot of under-the-hood changes
to the PyQt/QScintilla/SIP ports. Their Makefiles had accumulated a lot of
cruft over time, so it was time for some summer cleaning:

- General, belated changes:
* Use OPTIONS helpers wherever possible, stop including
<> when not necessary, stop checking for
add options such as DOCS and/or DEBUG where they were only checked for.

- QScintilla ports:
* Drop the API option from py-qt4-qscintilla2. It had been broken ever
since staging support was added, and its existence does not make much
sense: QScintilla is a hard dependency regardless of the state of this
option anyway, they all come from the same tarball and the configuration
script assumes the .api file will always be installed.

- PyQt ports:
* The patch shared by all PyQt ports has been trimmed down to
the minimum. Changes for Qt3 compatibility or for things that are just
not needed anymore have been removed.

* Several post-configure targets in the PyQt ports have been removed, as
they had no effect on the way the ports were built whatsoever.

* In some cases, instead of calling Python's on `ls *.py
*/*.py */*/*.py` to generate .pyc and .pyo files, we just call, which is made for this kind of task.

* The patch + sed hack to build py-qt4-dbussupport has been replaced by
only extracting the dbus/ directory for that port and excluding it from
all others.

* Move the bulk of the code in all Makefiles to, like the
non-Python Qt ports do with and the QT_DIST variable. A large
portion of all PyQt Makefiles were very similar and contained a lot of
boilerplate code that can be shared among all of them since they all
come from the same tarball. now has a PYQT4_DIST variable
that, when set, automatically sets several common variables and the
do-configure target for a port. This allows us to considerably reduce
the size of all the py-qt4-* Makefiles.

* To make the above possible and also to allow us to use as many OPTIONS
helpers as possible, the ARGS variable is now called CONFIGURE_ARGS.
That's what it was used for anyway.

PR: 191990
2014-07-23 19:29:58
The decision to move the savedata into ${PREFIX} did not go over
well. Revert it, and add a "@cwd /" that makes @sample do the
right thing.
2014-07-23 19:27:16
Fix unprivileged build. Remove libtool from USE_AUTOTOOLS.

Make sure that is patched, a patch is useless
with USE_AUTOTOOLS=automake.

Remove libtool from USE_AUTOTOOLS, USES already contains libtool, to
fix a DEVELOPER=yes warning.

Approved by: portmgr (blanket "just fix it" approval)
2014-07-23 19:19:10
- fix option PYTHON
PR: 192059
Submitted by: Kurt Jaeger

- mark option RUBY broken
using libdata/pkgconfig/ruby-1.9.pc fails cause of $(.TARGET) macro.
2014-07-23 17:30:45
Reset maintainership for ports not staged with no pending PR

With hat: portmgr
2014-07-23 17:07:12
Reset maintainership for ports not staged with no pending PR

With hat: portmgr
2014-07-23 16:58:55
Stage, fix build without gcc, and repair a backwards OPTIONS check.
2014-07-23 16:51:38
- Document vulnerabilities in www/tomcat*: CVE-2014-0096, CVE-2014-0099, CVE-2014-0075
2014-07-23 16:44:38
- Fix _TWISTED_COMPONENTS: add missing "pair"

MFH: 2014Q3
2014-07-23 16:44:27
Reset maintainership for ports not staged with no pending PR

With hat: portmgr
2014-07-23 15:25:49
- Use USER and GROUP in Makefile instead of having
pkg-message suggesting a user to create user and group
- Add uid/gid to the UID and GID files respectively
- Add an UPDATING entry to suggest users of scanlogd to
drop existing users to avoid conflicts

PR: 191948
Submitted by: TEUBEL Gy?\195?\182rgy
2014-07-23 14:12:35
Upgrade to version 2.0.0.

- Clean up pkg-plist
2014-07-23 14:10:12
- Switch to USES=libtool

Approved by: portmgr blanket