FreeBSD Monitor
2014-04-17 11:29:14
- Update to 0.11.20140216 which includes a fix from upstream
for running in a FreeNAS jail which does not have /dev/log.
2014-04-17 11:18:02
- Fix typo to have correct dependencies

With hat: portmgr
2014-04-17 10:58:46
graphics/ocrfeeder: Unbreak with USE_GNOME+= gnomedocutils

approved by: portmgr (bapt)
2014-04-17 09:24:19
1: fix pkg-plist
2: fix build with qt4.

Submitted by: swills@ [1], kevlo@ [2]
2014-04-17 08:06:06
- Correct snprintf(3) usage in the patch
- Make use of new @sample keyword in pkg-plist
- Hand over to games@ team, cleanup a bit
2014-04-17 07:30:11
- Staging
- Pet portlint

PR: ports/188529
Submitted by: Bartek Rutkowski <>
2014-04-17 07:23:33
- Support staging

PR: ports/188478
Submitted by: Bartek Rutkowski <>
2014-04-17 06:17:33
- Stage
- Add missing run-time dependency on bglibs
====>> Checking shared library dependencies
2014-04-17 05:56:50
- These are not RESTRICTED anymore as DJB placed them into public
domain and explicitly allows for distribution.
See r350021 for more details.

With hat: portmgr
2014-04-17 05:41:55
. Force WX version to 2.8 since gnuplot is apparently not ready to work
with newer versions.

PR: 188628
2014-04-17 05:28:35
- Fix patch files/patch-hald_hf-storage.c
Revert r351423 and apply it as a patch to the patch.

Reported by: O. Hartmann <>
2014-04-17 05:16:47
mail/qmail, mail/qmail-tls, mail/qmail-mysql, mail/qmail-spamcontrol:

- Support stagedir
- Fix all leftovers
Note that this depends on new Mk/Scripts/ added in r351446.
- Bump PORTREVISION in all ports due to plist being fixed.
- Support man.d on FreeBSD 9+
- Fix bad perl shebang for scripts/mkaliasdir
- Remove pkg-install and move all to pkg-plist
- Fix /var/qmail modified warning in poudriere by doing nothing in
- Fix /var/qmail getting unpredictable/wrong permissions due to
USERS/GROUPS changing for every user with HOME=/var/qmail
- Use more OPTIONS helpers
- Fix ccache support for spamcontrol patch building
- Fix build of SMTPEXTFORK in mail/qmail-spamcontrol with recent clang

Tested with: pkg and pkg_install
2014-04-17 04:56:04
- Add script for handling leftover processing by poudriere/tinderbox.
This will contain all approved/whitelisted leftovers in a single
reference. It will also allow us to update the whitelist without
needing a new release of poudriere/tinderbox and forcing users
to update those tools.

Usage: env PORTSDIR=... category/port
- missing-file
+ new-file
M modified-file reason...

same -/+/M format, but with files substituted, without approved
whitelisted files, and hides any directories already in plist.
- Add /var/qmail/queue to the list of whitelisted directories just as
/var/mail is. This queue directory contains mails in flight and may receive
or have mail removed during an upgrade.

Obtained from: Mostly poudriere
Reviewed by: antoine
With hat: portmgr
2014-04-17 03:54:08
Add audio/idjc, audio/shout-idjc

PR: 188660
Submitted by: sbruno (maintainer)
Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
2014-04-17 03:53:32
Add audio/idjc, audio/shout-idjc

PR: 188660
Submitted by: sbruno (maintainer)
Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
2014-04-17 03:22:45
- And the previous commit also should have remove PYDISTUTILS_PKGNAME which is
also not effective with USE_PYDISTUTILS=yes

Reported by: koobs
Submitted by: koobs
Pointyhat to: swills
2014-04-17 03:10:05
- Update to 3.3.6

PR: ports/186898
Submitted by: Douglas Carmichael <>
Approved by: maintainer timeout (, >2 weeks)
2014-04-17 03:03:07
- Update to 3.0.19 [2]
- Pass libtrace_doxygen=false to configure script to avoid extra docs in case
doxygen is installed [1]

PR: ports/175888 [1]
PR: ports/188065 [2]
Submitted by: pclin [1]
Submitted by: swills (myself) [2]
Approved by: maintainer timeout (, >14 months)
Approved by: maintainer timeout (, >2 weeks)