FreeBSD Monitor
2014-07-26 21:47:34
Update to 1.5.3.

PR: 192140
Submitted by: [email protected] (maintainer)
2014-07-26 20:55:40
- delete gmake from USES
- remove dirrmtry line that is no longer used with the new ports framework

PR: 192053
Submitted by: pi
2014-07-26 20:11:44
2014-07-26 20:06:40
multimedia/zoneminder: STAGE support and compilation fixes for 10.x.

PR: 192123
Submitted by: [email protected] (G. Paul Ziemba)
2014-07-26 19:45:19
New port: devel/visualparadigm

Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) is a UML design tool and UML CASE
tool designed to aid software development. VP-UML supports key
industry standards such as Unified Modeling Language (UML), SysML,
BPMN, XMI, etc. It offers complete toolset software development
teams need for requirements capturing, software planning, test
planning, class modeling, data modeling, and etc.

The application provides the community edition with a 30-days
free trial for non-commercial use.

PR: 183723
Submitted by: [email protected]
2014-07-26 19:22:46
Update grub2-efi to 2.02 prerelease version from PC-BSD repo
2014-07-26 19:08:08
lang/ruby19: update to Ruby 1.9.3-p547
2014-07-26 17:45:50
Use correct CPE information, verified against the official CPE dictionary.
2014-07-26 17:43:59
Add CPE information, versions 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 were vulnerable.
2014-07-26 15:49:51
. Revert WX version to 2.8 and add a comment about not updating it to 3.x
since that breaks.

PR: 192121
2014-07-26 15:23:05
Add same hack to sysutils/grub2-pcbsd that grub2-bhyve uses to
build with GCC, but not require it at runtime
2014-07-26 15:23:03
print/qpdf: update 5.1.1 -> 5.1.2

- Fix DEPENDS ordering
- Remove
- Pet portlint

PR: 191855
Submitted by: Dmitry Kazarov <[email protected]>
Approved by: swills (mentor)
2014-07-26 14:04:52
security/pam_abl: Drop maintainership per request

The former maintainer has indicated that the current version of pam_abl
required a large number of hacks and still contains empheral bugs. After
10 years have passed, the latest versions require even more hacks. The
former maintainer recommended removal of the port if no one steps up to
update it and assume maintianership.

PR: 188483
Submitted by: Antiduh (
Approved by: portmgr (implicit, NOT_STAGED)
2014-07-26 13:57:12
Upate the target_sw field to use ${OPSYS} instead of hardcoding
"freebsd" and include the major version. Set target_hw to x86 for
i386, x64 for amd64, and ${ARCH} on all other platforms. Update the
comments to match reality.
2014-07-26 13:42:44
databases/postgis20: Reset maintainer

The maintainer hasn't responded to any PR in at least a year, the last
having multiple unanswered pings.
2014-07-26 13:31:58
Update to the 20140724 snapshot of GCC 4.8.4.
2014-07-26 12:39:49
Update to the 20140723 snapshot of GCC 4.9.2.
2014-07-26 12:04:07
databases/py-mysql-connector-python: MySQL driver written in Python

MySQL driver written in Python which does not depend on MySQL C client
libraries and implements the DB API v2.0 specification (PEP-249).


PR: 191722
Submitted by: <arcade at b1t dot name> (with changes)
2014-07-26 11:34:05
Update to Wine 1.7.23. This includes the following changes:
- Better support for files drag & drop.
- Improvements to HTTP cookie management.
- Fixes to crypto certificates management.
- Various bug fixes.
2014-07-26 11:04:33
games/odamex: Update to 0.7.0, New MAINTAINER

- Update to 0.7.0
- Update COMMENT
- Convert USE_BZIP to USES= convention
- Update wxWidgets dependency to 3+
- Add patch to address assertions [1]


PR: 190843
Submitted by: Carlos Medina <cjpugmed at gmail dot com>