FreeBSD Monitor
2014-11-21 00:28:36
Fix fetching.

PR: ports/193427
Submitted by: Radim Kolar <[email protected]>
2014-11-20 23:57:07
Add firstboot-growfs port:
When the system first boots, resize the (GPT) partition holding the root
filesystem, then resize the (UFS) root filesystem. This is intended to be
used in virtual machines where a VM image is built with one size but may
be launched onto a larger disk.

This will be used in EC2 images in the near future.
2014-11-20 21:42:42
Enable network streaming via https and other encrypted connections
- Introduce GNUTLS OPTION and make it default
- Add extra patch for gnutls support from mplayer svn head

While on it
- Fix cflags/ldflags in mencoder: USES pkgconfig
2014-11-20 21:31:54
Add upstream patch for CVE-2014-8600 (insufficient input validation).

MFH: 2014Q4
Security: 890b6b22-70fa-11e4-91ae-5453ed2e2b49
2014-11-20 21:31:17
Add upstream patch for CVE-2014-8600 (insufficient input validation).

MFH: 2014Q4
Security: 890b6b22-70fa-11e4-91ae-5453ed2e2b49
2014-11-20 21:30:29
Add note about CVE-2014-8600 in kde4-runtime and kwebkitpart.
2014-11-20 21:20:48
New port: security/p5-Dancer2-Plugin-Passphrase

Dancer2::Plugin::Passphrase manages the hashing of passwords for
Dancer apps, allowing developers to follow cryptography best practices
without having to become a cryptography expert. It uses the bcrypt
algorithm as the default, while also supporting any hashing function
provided by Digest.


PR: 194962
Submitted by: Henk van Oers <[email protected]>
2014-11-20 21:09:16
New port: security/Dancer2-Plugin-Auth-Extensible

A user authentication and authorisation framework plugin for Dancer2 apps.

Makes it easy to require a user to be logged in to access certain
routes, provides role-based access control, and supports various
authentication methods/sources (config file, database, Unix system
users, etc).

Designed to support multiple authentication realms and to be as
extensible as possible, and to make secure password handling easy (the
base class for auth providers makes handling `RFC2307'-style hashed
passwords really simple, so you have no excuse for storing plain-text


PR: 194961
Submitted by: Henk van Oers <[email protected]>
2014-11-20 21:05:37
- Update to 0.15.1
- Install .desktop file and icon
- Use options helpers

PR: 194731
Submitted by: [email protected]
2014-11-20 20:57:51
Replace %%QT_BINDIR%% (as suggested by makeplist) by plain "bin".

Submitted by: makc
2014-11-20 20:56:22
New port: databases/p5-Dancer2-Plugin-Database

Dancer2::Plugin::Database provides an easy way to obtain a connected
DBI database handle by simply calling the database keyword
within your Dancer2 application.

Returns a Dancer2::Plugin::Database::Handle object, which is a subclass of DBI's
DBI::db connection handle object, so it does everything you'd expect to do with
DBI, but also adds a few convenience methods. See the documentation for
Dancer2::Plugin::Database::Handle for full details of those.


PR: 194960
Submitted by: Henk van Oers <[email protected]>
2014-11-20 20:25:02
Stop installing

That is an example plugin that is not supposed to be built and installed by
default. Its sole purpose is to be an example of how to write a plugin, and
it does so by making <select> elements show up in a separate dialog. We
definitely do not want that. As a bonus, it allows us to remove some of the
hacks we do in the pre-configure target.

While here:
- Improve the comment about why we change ALL_TARGET.
- Remove the weird CONFIGURE_ENV change we did that does not seem to be
necessary anymore. I could not find any explanation for why it was added
in the first place.
2014-11-20 20:18:07
- Unbreak, actualize
2014-11-20 19:34:26
The libgnome-keyring lives in the libgnome-keyring port, not gnome-keyring.

Submitted by: antoine@
2014-11-20 19:34:19
Un-break non-default OPTION OPENSSL

PR: 195202
Submitted by: [email protected]
2014-11-20 18:35:57
Seahorse doesn't support gnupg 2.1 yet, so stick with the 2.0 version for now.
2014-11-20 18:17:17
- Unbreak build

Reported by: pkg-fallout
2014-11-20 18:11:16
Xfdashboard is GNOME shell like for the Xfce desktop.


Obtained from: Xfce dev repository
2014-11-20 16:21:07
- Update to 0.6
- Switch to USES=autoreconf
- Strip libraries

- While here, add LICENSE_FILE

PR: 195127
Submitted by: [email protected] (maintainer)