FreeBSD Monitor
2014-08-31 01:53:49
devel/rubygem-launchy22: restrict portscout to proper version instead of ignoring
2014-08-31 00:36:37
Support building with modern, more standards-compliant compilers such
as GCC 4.8.

(For a project as little maintained upstream as OpenCity building with
-pedantic-errors is a bad idea anyways.)

PR: 192132
Approved by: maintainer timeout (amdmi3, five weeks)
2014-08-30 23:28:52
- Support staging [1]
- Modernize pkg-plist and don't force removal of logs upon deinstall

PR: 189954 (based on) [1]
Submitted by: <[email protected]> [1]
2014-08-30 22:58:38
Fix build on -current.

This is an ugly fix, and makes some assumptions, but necessary as
Uses/ doesn't export which path it's using, it just modifies *FLAGS
2014-08-30 22:28:33
irc/undernet-ircu: Unbreak build on FreeBSD 8.4

Undernet-ircu fails to build on FreeBSD 8.4 when --enable-profile
(the default) is included in configure arguments. To restore building
on FreeBSD 8.4, remove this as an option for that release.
2014-08-30 22:28:09
Update to 3.2.2.


PR: 193104
Submitted by: pfg@
2014-08-30 22:17:25
audio/mous: Update MASTER_SITES url

PR: 192984
Submitted by: maintainer (Shen Elf)