FreeBSD Monitor
2014-07-22 15:25:13
Fix issue preventing zookeeper from starting when using service(8)
Add ability to disable JMX in zookeeper by setting zookeeper_jmx=NO
Link to command line client added to ${PREFIX}/bin

PR: 191536
Submitted by: Radim Kolar <[email protected]>
2014-07-22 15:02:19
Make it buildable with Ruby 2.1.

PR: 187652
Submitted by: Yasuhiro KIMURA <>
Approved by: knu (maintainer timeout)
2014-07-22 14:45:40
Update to 3.8.1. Along with this, savegame data is now in
/usr/local/var/games instead of /var/games. This was necessary
because @sample cannot operate outside of %%PREFIX%%, and
previously the port would overwrite or remove previously
saved games. This is easier, better and more hier(7)ful.
2014-07-22 14:01:36
- Update to 4.8, Announce message:

- fix for odd cornercase where getaddrinfo was used with AI_NUMERICHOST
to test for a numeric ip instead of resolving it (fixes nmap).
- allow usage with programs that rely on LD_PRELOAD themselves
- reject wrong entries in config file
- print version number on startup

- Change Makefile header, use my name and email
- Use tar:bzip2 instead of USE_BZIP2=yes
- Remove ChangeLog and TODO from DOCS
2014-07-22 13:39:58
Stage, simplify, and put everything in /var/games as a @sample so that
saved data is precious.

Also, take maintainership, thank you uqs!
2014-07-22 13:20:18
- Update to
- Disable OPTION for FLEXRESP3 as it breaks the build if it is disabled
2014-07-22 12:33:36
- Update to 2.4b1
- Fix build with libnet11 and libnids (introduced by r361784)

Reported by: pkg-fallout
2014-07-22 12:25:29
- Update to version 0.46, stagify, and cleanup the port
- Remove old BROKEN statement; builds fine on PowerPC at least (it was marked
broken on sparc64 almost 5 years ago due to stdlib.h vs. malloc.h conflict,
which no longer seems to be the issue)
2014-07-22 12:24:58
Fetch the GeoIPv6 data along with the IPv4 data. This change
means that to update the IPv6 data you must use the included script, not the source-provided geoipdate command.
Add a pkg-message about how to update.

PR: 189618
Submitted by: [email protected]

PR: 187906
Submitted by: Miroslav Lachman
2014-07-22 11:50:26
devel/p5-Date-Manip: update 6.43 -> 6.46

Reviewed by: swills (mentor)
Approved by: marino (mentor)
2014-07-22 11:19:10
Mark www/chromium as forbidden until a non-vulnerable version is committed.
2014-07-22 11:04:04
www/youtube_dl: 2014.02.22.1 -> 2014.07.21

- new WWW: in pkg-descr

PR: 191640
Submitted by: [email protected]
Approved by: maintainer timeout
2014-07-22 11:02:07
- Update from 9.9.9 to 9.9.10
- Take maintainership
2014-07-22 10:27:50
Install sample rabbitmq.config.

Fix etc paths in rabbitmq-env.conf(5).
2014-07-22 10:14:52
- Update to 0.3.10
Release announcement:
- While at it, use USES=tar:bzip2, add LICENSE
2014-07-22 09:59:01
Fix two problems.

Use class instead of struct for RateCtl in encoderparams.hh. Class RateCtl is
defined in ratectl.hh and used elsewhere in the code too.
Fix headerguard typo in ontheflyratectlpass[12].hh.

Found by: Clang
2014-07-22 09:33:37
Don't attempt to define NULL if it is already set.

Approved by: maintainer (via e-mail)
2014-07-22 09:09:19
Fix make fetch and attempt to unbreak after switch to USES=libtool
2014-07-22 08:52:24
- Add p5-Mozilla-CA as dependency

Notified by: Peter Baur <[email protected]>