FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::All 2014-09-01T23:59:59Z FreeBSD Monitor ports_changes 2014-09-01T23:59:59Z AUTHOR:<br /><br />Support for pkg_install has been removed<br />Note that WITH_PKGNG is now WITH_PKG (still used to define 'devel')<br />WITH_PKGNG remains for compatibility<br />@stopdaemon support has gone, pkg(8) has a generic mechanism to<br />provide the same functionnality ports_changes 2014-09-01T23:59:59Z AUTHOR:<br /><br />Support for NO_STAGE has been removed www/chromium 2014-09-01T21:58:53Z Fix build on local systems when ffmpeg-2.3.3 is installed. This removes the<br />need for files/extra-patch-manual-amd64<br /><br />PR: 193187<br />Submitted by: Jan Beich benchmarks/hpl benchmarks/imb benchmarks/mdtest cad/scotch math/blacs math/blocksolve95 math/mumps math/parmetis math/scalapack math/sdpara math/spooles net/mpich2 science/fvm science/gromacs science/ncs science/pnetcdf 2014-09-01T21:50:14Z - Upgrade to 1.5;<br /><br />- Bump PORTREVISION for consumers. devel/fnccheck 2014-09-01T21:42:59Z Fix pkg-plist<br /><br />Reported by: antoine misc/susv2 misc/susv3 misc/susv4 2014-09-01T21:32:06Z Add the current SUSv4/Open Group Base Specifications Issue 7.<br />Update URLs, and fix a typo, in SUSv2/SUSv3 pkg-descr audio/pulseaudio 2014-09-01T21:24:52Z Convert to USES=libtool and add INSTALL_TARGET=install-strip<br /><br />Obtained from: gnome-dev net/asterisk net/asterisk11 2014-09-01T20:56:28Z Convert to USES=pgsql misc/susv2 misc/susv3 2014-09-01T20:55:33Z STAGE and simplify do-install. devel/silc-toolkit 2014-09-01T20:51:09Z Update to 1.11.12<br />Support stage<br />Use options framework www/hiawatha 2014-09-01T20:43:25Z Use /var instead of PREFIX/var<br /><br />PR: 186431<br />Approved by: maintainer timeout (3 weeks) games/linux-ut 2014-09-01T20:17:08Z - Add stage support. Thank you xmj@!<br />- Use STAT instead of direct path and other portlint fixes.<br />- Take maintainership.<br /><br />PR: 187864<br />Submitted by: xmj japanese/ng japanese/ng-canna 2014-09-01T20:15:30Z Resurrect ng-canna and stage it<br />Stage ng<br /><br />PR: 193160<br />Submitted by: Ports fury games/nwndata 2014-09-01T20:09:03Z - Update MASTER_SITES (add two new ones and remove defunct site).<br />- Remove note about obtaining file from (deceased).<br />- Update the homepage to the community website as the official one is<br /> deceased. games/linux-nwnclient 2014-09-01T20:02:24Z - Update the homepage to the community website as the official one is<br /> deceased.<br />- Update LEGAL (Distribution not allowed).<br />- Use DIST_SUBDIR to reduce clutter and for the glob in LEGAL.<br />- Take maintainership. security/pft 2014-09-01T20:01:42Z Support staging<br /><br />PR: 193166<br />Submitted by: devel/libffi 2014-09-01T19:56:07Z - Add USES=libtool<br />- Use MAKE_CMD converters/libiconv 2014-09-01T19:53:38Z Add USES=libtool:oldver and INSTALL_TARGET=install-strip science/paraview 2014-09-01T19:53:11Z science/paraview: alternative fix with USES+= execinfo instead<br /><br />Also bump this port as the LIB_DEPENDS has changed<br /><br />confirmed by: adamw devel/glib20 2014-09-01T19:52:11Z Convert to USES=libtool and USES=python<br /><br />Obtained from: gnome-dev