FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::All 2014-07-27T23:59:59Z FreeBSD Monitor ports_updating 2014-07-27T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of TeX<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />TeXLive is now the default teX provider.<br />Please remove all TeX-related packages based on teTeX. www/owncloud 2014-07-25T02:06:15Z Update to 7.0.0<br /><br />PR: ports/192089<br />Submitted by: pi textproc/weka 2014-07-25T01:41:05Z - Update from 3-6-8 to 3-6-11<br />- Take maintainership print/latex2rtf 2014-07-25T01:15:35Z - Update from 2.0.0 to 2.3.8<br />- Add stage support<br />- Take maintainership audio/py3-pylast 2014-07-25T00:44:01Z - Add py3-pylast 0.5.11 ports_updating 2014-07-24T23:59:59Z AFFECTS: users of dns/mydns-ng<br />AUTHOR:<br /><br />The dns/mydns-ng port no longer has the suffix (-mysql|-pgsql). Before<br />you update this port the old one must be removed:<br /><br />pkg remove mydns-ng-mysql<br /> or<br />pkg remove mysql-ng-pgsql April-June, 2014 Status Report 2014-07-24T23:59:59Z The April-June, 2014 Status Report is now available with 24 entries. apache22 > 2.2.0 < 2.2.27_6 2014-07-24T23:59:59Z apache22 -- several vulnerabilities dns/gdnsd 2014-07-24T23:37:10Z - Remove the duplication of gdnsd_flags in command_args<br /><br />PR: ports/192102<br />Submitted by: Allan Jude &lt;; print/gsview 2014-07-24T23:19:54Z - Add stage support multimedia/lives 2014-07-24T22:08:14Z - Fix fetch by using SourceForge mirrors<br />- Tarball has been rerolled by author:<br /><br /> math/octave-forge-quaternion 2014-07-24T21:30:59Z - Update to 2.2.2. emulators/pipelight 2014-07-24T21:27:06Z Fix a bug in previous commit, link to correct distfiles locations mail/archivesmtp 2014-07-24T21:18:55Z - Update from 1.1.b1 to 1.2<br />- Add stage support<br /><br />PR: ports/191518<br />Submitted by: print/gimp-gutenprint print/gutenprint print/gutenprint-base print/gutenprint-cups print/gutenprint-foomatic print/gutenprint-ijs 2014-07-24T21:15:46Z - Update from 5.2.8 to 5.2.10<br />- Add stage support<br />- Convert USE_BZIP2 and USE_GNOME=gnomehack to USES<br /><br />PR: ports/191209<br />Submitted by: devel/py-trollius 2014-07-24T21:15:05Z Update to version 1.0 emulators/pipelight 2014-07-24T21:13:31Z - Update to<br />- Improve build to include preload.tar.gz files<br />- Depend upon X11 Mk/Scripts 2014-07-24T21:03:10Z - Fix check-plist so that its 'files in plist but missing from STAGEDIR' check<br /> does not incorrectly ignore plist items in %%DOCSDIR%% and %%EXAMPLESDIR%%.<br /> It was incorrectly ignoring these items when %%PORTDOCS%% or %%PORTEXAMPLES%%<br /> was missing. This manifested as a failure in 'make package' later when pkg(8)<br /> detected the missing files.<br /><br />With hat: portmgr net/tinyfugue 2014-07-24T20:49:29Z - Stagify<br />- Adopt port security/gnutls 2014-07-24T20:38:04Z - Fix plist<br /><br />Reported by: many