FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::All 2014-04-18T05:57:08Z FreeBSD Monitor lang/gcc49 2014-04-18T05:57:08Z Update to the 20140416 snapshot of GCC 4.9.0 which coincides with<br />RC1 of that release.<br /><br />Extend full-regression-test by running contrib/test_summary. math/octave-forge-video 2014-04-18T03:43:47Z - Add a definition of HOME to configure_args, because octave likes to write<br /> .octave_hist into ${HOME}.<br /><br />Reported by: marino@ www/mini_httpd 2014-04-18T03:12:16Z STAGE support, replace a wacky "NO_SSL" with an OPTION,<br />remove extraneous stuff and pick some patch nits.<br /><br />Most interestingly, it appears that 16 months ago I started<br />installing a binary as a manpage. So, we're fixing that too,<br />and a PORTREVISION bump. mail/bmf 2014-04-18T02:53:13Z Use OPTIONS helpers, pass proper configure arguments,<br />and install docs into DOCSDIR, not DATADIR. PORTREVISION<br />bump for that last change. security/krb5-appl 2014-04-18T02:37:23Z Restore PROGRAM_TRANSFORM_NAME. security/krb5-appl 2014-04-18T02:23:42Z Stagify.<br /><br />Mark broken when KRB5_HOME is set because it not longer works with<br />LIB_DEPENDS. security/krb5 2014-04-18T02:21:57Z KRB5_HOME no longer works with LIB_DEPENDS. Mark broken when set. textproc/rubygem-sass 2014-04-18T01:58:04Z - Update to 3.3.5 devel/rubygem-sprockets 2014-04-18T01:47:16Z - Update to 2.12.1 dns/unbound 2014-04-18T01:34:31Z Bump port revision after I changed LIB_DEPENDS.<br /><br />Approved by: bdrewery<br />Pointy-hat to: peter dns/unbound 2014-04-18T01:29:43Z Fix apparent typo in LIB_PATH that prevented build with LIBEVENT14<br /><br />Approved by: bdrewery net/aprsc 2014-04-18T00:19:41Z aprsc (pronounced a-purrs-c) is a plain APRS-IS server intended to be used<br />on the core and Tier2 APRS-IS servers. It is written in the C language,<br />and it runs on Linux and Unix servers.<br /><br />If you need igate or other radio-interfacing features, aprsc is not for you.<br /><br />- toyo<br /><br /><br />WWW:<br /><br />PR: ports/188539<br />Submitted by: January-March, 2014 Status Report 2014-04-17T23:59:59Z The January-March, 2014 Status Report is now available with 41 entries. games/minecraft-client 2014-04-17T23:14:24Z games/minecraft-client: Unbreak run by using official launcher<br /><br />The method of selectively loading specific versions in Minecraft stopped<br />working in the 1.5.x series. From 1.6.0 and later, the official launcher<br />must be used. The launcher itself does not change often (last time was<br />July 2013). The jar files are downloaded into $HOME/.minecraft directory,<br />so every user gets their own copy which is not removed when the port is<br />uninstalled.<br /><br />The new launcher also downloads lwjgl files, so the dependency on<br />games/lwjgl is redundant, as well as openal-soft. This allows the port<br />to be simplified and to always install the native version.<br /><br />The port version doesn't really matter anymore. I will set it to 1.7.9<br />right now as this is the latest available version.<br /><br />PR: ports/188473<br />Approved by: marino@. It does mirror the maintainers original intent,<br /> but he did not weigh in on the PR. The game was broken.<br />Simplified by: marino@ multimedia/py-guessit 2014-04-17T22:24:55Z multimedia/py-guessit: update to 0.7.1 devel/p5-ExtUtils-CChecker 2014-04-17T22:14:02Z Fix build as a user.<br /><br />Sponsored by: Absolight print/font-amsfonts 2014-04-17T22:11:56Z Fix build as a user.<br /><br />Sponsored by: Absolight devel/py-babelfish 2014-04-17T22:06:08Z devel/py-babelfish: update to 0.5.1 and switch from easy_install devel/py-celery 2014-04-17T21:59:26Z devel/py-celery: update 3.1.11 net/py-kombu 2014-04-17T21:50:54Z net/py-kombu: update to 3.0.15