FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::All 2015-01-31T23:59:59Z FreeBSD Monitor apache24 < 2.4.12 2015-01-31T23:59:59Z apache24 -- several vulnerabilities emulators/qmc2 2015-01-31T15:23:59Z - Update to 0.48 www/apache24 2015-01-31T15:22:51Z - update to 2.4.12<br /><br />- change MPM backend from static to dynamic,<br /> but keep mpm_prefork for compatiblity with e.g. php modules<br />- install dedicated MPM load file in case httpd was build with modular MPM<br /> (modules.d/000_mpm_prefork_fallback.conf)<br />- disable SSLv3 and SSLv2 fallback in sample httpd-ssl-conf<br />- use @sample macro instead EXAMPLESDIR<br />- add some SSLCipherSuite examples for OpenSSL &gt;= 1.0.x<br />- add libressl support [1]<br />- add pkg-install script (to handle new modular MPM build)<br />- build now most all modules, so users using packages don't have<br /> to run a custom build for missing modules<br />- fix suexec mode<br /><br />PR: 196139 [1]<br />MFH: 2015Q1 net/GeoIP 2015-01-31T15:10:24Z Update WWW. Old URL no longer exists. www/web2ldap 2015-01-31T15:09:42Z www/web2ldap: upgrade to version 1.2.19. security/vuxml 2015-01-31T15:07:28Z - document apache24 issues graphics/gscan2pdf 2015-01-31T15:02:12Z - Update to 1.3.0 security/sssd 2015-01-31T13:53:54Z - Update to upstream version 1.11.7<br />- Add non-default SMB (samba) option<br /><br />PR: 194155<br />Submitted by:<br />Reviewed by: (maintainer), riggs<br />Approved by: (maintainer) devel/py-virtualenvwrapper 2015-01-31T13:32:06Z - Update to 4.3.2<br />- Update WWW address databases/virtuoso 2015-01-31T13:11:46Z - Build with system zlib<br />- Fix IODBC and IMAGEMAGICK options<br />- Bump PORTREVISION net/py-speedtest-cli 2015-01-31T12:55:28Z - Update to 0.3.1<br />- Sort USE_PYTHON values japanese/font-ipa japanese/font-ipa-uigothic japanese/font-ipaex japanese/font-kochi japanese/font-koruri japanese/font-migmix japanese/font-migu japanese/font-mona-ipa japanese/font-motoya-al japanese/font-mplus-ipa japanese/font-ricty japanese/font-sazanami japanese/font-takao japanese/font-ume japanese/font-vlgothic 2015-01-31T12:50:07Z Convert fc-cache(1) calls in pkg-plist to use @fc keyword<br /><br />fonts.cache-1 lines started to appear after r148143 but became<br />obsolete since `fc-cache -s` support (i.e. /var/db/fontconfig)<br />and several FC_CACHE_VERSION bumps. Remove them.<br /><br />Differential Revision:<br />Reviewed by: hrs<br />Approved by: portmgr blanket<br />Approved by: bapt (mentor) print/tex-dvipsk print/tex-xdvik 2015-01-31T12:48:14Z - Add pTeX support to xdvik. This improvement is imported from<br /> the latest j1.42 patchset by adjusting it to the 22.87 code base.<br /><br />- Move files in TEXMFDISTDIR/xdvi to TEXMFDISTDIR/dvips/xdvi. editors/tamago 2015-01-31T11:32:42Z - Fix a bug that deactivate-input-method was not called in<br /> (egg-exit-from-minibuffer).<br /><br />- Remove an unnecessary overriding-local-map call in<br /> (menudiag-select-internal).<br /><br />- Regenerate patch files. devel/autogen 2015-01-31T10:54:07Z Update autogen to 5.18.4.<br /><br />Switch to guile2, because autogen is used by anjuta. And some components in<br />the GNOME stack use guile2 already. net/vblade 2015-01-31T10:51:32Z Bump PORTREVISION for compilation fix on -CURRENT. security/hpenc 2015-01-31T10:25:36Z Add hpenc utility port.<br /><br /> sysutils/pesign 2015-01-31T10:02:41Z Mark BROKEN: Checksum and size mismatch<br /><br />Reported by: pkg-fallout science/py-scimath 2015-01-31T10:00:44Z Mark BROKEN: Fails to build<br /><br />===&gt; Configuring for py27-scimath-4.1.2_3<br />Traceback (most recent call last):<br /> File "&lt;string&gt;", line 1, in &lt;module&gt;<br /> File "", line 9, in &lt;module&gt;<br /> import numpy.distutils.core<br />ImportError: No module named numpy.distutils.core<br /><br />Reported by: pkg-fallout devel/frama-c 2015-01-31T09:54:15Z Mark BROKEN: Fails to build with ocamlgraph 1.8.6<br /><br />Ocamlc src/logic/property_status.cmi<br />Ocamlc src/logic/property_status.cmo<br />File "src/logic/", line 1444, characters 4-2019:<br />Error: Signature mismatch:<br /> ...<br /> Values do not match:<br /> val vertex_attributes :<br /> v -&gt;<br /> [&gt; `Color of int<br /> | `Label of string<br /> | `Shape of [&gt; `Box | `Diamond ]<br /> | `Style of [&gt; `Bold | `Filled ]<br /> | `Width of float ]<br /> list<br /> is not included in<br /> val vertex_attributes :<br /> V.t -&gt; Graph.Graphviz.DotAttributes.vertex list<br /> File "src/logic/", line 1479, characters 16-33:<br /> Actual declaration<br />share/Makefile.generic:75: recipe for target 'src/logic/property_status.cmo' failed<br /><br />Reported by: pkg-fallout