FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::freebsd_updating 2014-04-18T23:59:59Z FreeBSD Monitor freebsd_updating 2014-04-18T23:59:59Z The YES_HESIOD knob has been removed. It has been obsolete for<br />a decade. Please move to using WITH_HESIOD instead or your builds<br />will silently lack HESIOD. freebsd_updating 2014-04-05T23:59:59Z The uart(4) driver has been changed with respect to its handling<br />of the low-level console. Previously the uart(4) driver prevented<br />any process from changing the baudrate or the CLOCAL and HUPCL<br />control flags. By removing the restrictions, operators can make<br />changes to the serial console port without having to reboot.<br />However, when getty(8) is started on the serial device that is<br />associated with the low-level console, a misconfigured terminal<br />line in /etc/ttys will now have a real impact.<br />Before upgrading the kernel, make sure that /etc/ttys has the<br />serial console device configured as 3wire without baudrate to<br />preserve the previous behaviour. E.g:<br /> ttyu0 "/usr/libexec/getty 3wire" vt100 on secure freebsd_updating 2014-03-25T23:59:59Z It is no longer necessary to include the dwarf version in your DEBUG<br />options in your kernel config file. The bug that required it to be<br />placed in the config file has bene fixed. DEBUG should now just<br />contain -g. The build system will automatically update things<br />to do the right thing. Ignore the entry from 20140216. freebsd_updating 2014-03-06T23:59:59Z Support for libwrap (TCP wrappers) in rpcbind was disabled by default<br />to improve performance. To re-enable it, if needed, run rpcbind<br />with command line option -W. freebsd_updating 2014-02-26T23:59:59Z Switched back to the GPL dtc compiler due to updates in the upstream<br />dts files not being supported by the BSDL dtc compiler. You will need<br />to rebuild your kernel toolchain to pick up the new compiler. Core dumps<br />may result while building dtb files during a kernel build if you fail<br />to do so. Set WITHOUT_GPL_DTC if you require the BSDL compiler. freebsd_updating 2014-02-16T23:59:59Z The nve(4) driver has been removed. Please use the nfe(4) driver<br />for NVIDIA nForce MCP Ethernet adapters instead. freebsd_updating 2014-02-16T23:59:59Z Clang and llvm have been upgraded to 3.4 release.<br /><br />Please note that clang 3.4 now defaults to DWARF4 debug information<br />format when you specify -g. Since kgdb(1) only supports DWARF2, you<br />should update any customized kernel configurations which include debug<br />information to explicitly use -gdwarf-2, e.g:<br /><br />makeoptions DEBUG=-gdwarf-2<br /><br />This has already been applied to the appropriate GENERIC configuration<br />files, so if you inherit from those, no changes are required.<br />Please note: this bug has been fixed, please see 20140325. freebsd_updating 2014-02-16T23:59:59Z Clang and llvm have been upgraded to 3.4 release. freebsd_updating 2014-02-16T23:59:59Z Clang and llvm have been upgraded to 3.4 release. Please note that<br />clang 3.4 now defaults to DWARF4 debug information format when you<br />specify -g. Since kgdb(1) only supports DWARF2, you should update any<br />customized kernel configurations which include debug information to<br />explicitly use -gdwarf-2, e.g:<br /><br />makeoptions DEBUG=-gdwarf-2<br /><br />This has already been applied to the appropriate GENERIC configuration<br />files, so if you inherit from those, no changes are required. freebsd_updating 2014-02-12T23:59:59Z An ABI incompatibility crept into the libc++ 3.4 import in r261283.<br />This could cause certain C++ applications using shared libraries built<br />against the previous version of libc++ to crash. The incompatibility<br />has now been fixed, but any C++ applications or shared libraries built<br />between r261283 and r261801 should be recompiled. freebsd_updating 2014-02-04T23:59:59Z OpenSSH will now ignore errors caused by kernel lacking of Capsicum<br />capability mode support. Please note that enabling the feature in<br />kernel is still highly recommended. freebsd_updating 2014-01-31T23:59:59Z OpenSSH is now built with sandbox support, and will use sandbox as<br />the default privilege separation method. This requires Capsicum<br />capability mode support in kernel. freebsd_updating 2014-01-28T23:59:59Z The libelf and libdwarf libraries have been updated to newer<br />versions from upstream. Shared library version numbers for<br />these two libraries were bumped. Any ports or binaries<br />requiring these two libraries should be recompiled.<br />__FreeBSD_version is bumped to 1100006. freebsd_updating 2014-01-10T23:59:59Z If a Makefile in a tests/ directory was auto-generating a Kyuafile<br />instead of providing an explicit one, this would prevent such<br />Makefile from providing its own Kyuafile in the future during<br />NO_CLEAN builds. This has been fixed in the Makefiles but manual<br />intervention is needed to clean an objdir if you use NO_CLEAN:<br /># find /usr/obj -name Kyuafile | xargs rm -f freebsd_updating 2013-12-13T23:59:59Z The behavior of gss_pseudo_random() for the krb5 mechanism<br />has changed, for applications requesting a longer random string<br />than produced by the underlying enctype's pseudo-random() function.<br />In particular, the random string produced from a session key of<br />enctype aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96 or aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96 will<br />be different at the 17th octet and later, after this change.<br />The counter used in the PRF+ construction is now encoded as a<br />big-endian integer in accordance with RFC 4402.<br />__FreeBSD_version is bumped to 1100004. freebsd_updating 2013-11-26T23:59:59Z WITH_LIB32 has been changed to WITHOUT_LIB32 by default. You<br />can set WITH_LIB32=yes in make.conf or src.conf, or if you need<br />to do a quick 32 bit library build you can do a 'make build32'<br />and 'make install32' as a separate step AFTER doing a<br />buildworld/installworld. freebsd_updating 2013-11-08T23:59:59Z The WITHOUT_ATF build knob has been removed and its functionality<br />has been subsumed into the more generic WITHOUT_TESTS. If you were<br />using the former to disable the build of the ATF libraries, you<br />should change your settings to use the latter. freebsd_updating 2013-10-25T23:59:59Z The default version of mtree is nmtree which is obtained from<br />NetBSD. The output is generally the same, but may vary<br />slightly. If you found you need identical output adding<br />"-F freebsd9" to the command line should do the trick. For the<br />time being, the old mtree is available as fmtree. freebsd_updating 2013-10-14T23:59:59Z libbsdyml has been renamed to libyaml and moved to /usr/lib/private.<br />This will break ports-mgmt/pkg. Rebuild the port, or upgrade to pkg<br />1.1.4_8 and verify bsdyml not linked in, before running "make<br />delete-old-libs":<br /># make -C /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg build deinstall install clean<br />or<br /># pkg install pkg; ldd /usr/local/sbin/pkg | grep bsdyml freebsd_updating 2013-10-10T23:59:59Z The rc.d/jail script has been updated to support jail(8)<br />configuration file. The "jail_&lt;jname&gt;_*" rc.conf(5) variables<br />for per-jail configuration are automatically converted to<br />/var/run/jail.&lt;jname&gt;.conf before the jail(8) utility is invoked.<br />This is transparently backward compatible. See below about some<br />incompatibilities and rc.conf(5) manual page for more details.<br /><br />These variables are now deprecated in favor of jail(8) configuration<br />file. One can use "rc.d/jail config &lt;jname&gt;" command to generate<br />a jail(8) configuration file in /var/run/jail.&lt;jname&gt;.conf without<br />running the jail(8) utility. The default pathname of the<br />configuration file is /etc/jail.conf and can be specified by<br />using $jail_conf or $jail_&lt;jname&gt;_conf variables.<br /><br />Please note that jail_devfs_ruleset accepts an integer at<br />this moment. Please consider to rewrite the ruleset name<br />with an integer.