FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::ports_commits 2014-08-31T09:28:13Z FreeBSD Monitor databases/cego 2014-08-31T09:28:13Z databases/cego: 2.20.11 -&gt; 2.20.12<br /><br />- Recovery added for check constraints and foreign keys<br />- Corrections for btree recovery, btree creation was not performed<br /> correctly during tableset recovery. Tableset autocorrect mode is<br /> enabled on default now ( by define tableset )<br /><br />Submitted by: Bj?\195?\182rn Lemke &lt;; textproc/randlm 2014-08-31T09:16:27Z Add MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=yes to fix build. textproc/grap 2014-08-31T08:17:49Z textproc/grap: 1.44 -&gt; 1.45<br /><br />- autotools more recent<br />- no warnings for clang<br /><br /><br />PR: 193178<br />Submitted by: Ted Faber &lt;; (maintainer) www/npm 2014-08-31T07:26:49Z - Update to 1.4.25<br />- Do not silence installation message<br />- Update maintainer section:<br /> - Use GMAKE<br /> - Move some replacements post-patch: to maketar:<br /> - Cleanup before build<br /><br />Changes: java/java-zoneinfo 2014-08-31T07:15:26Z . Update to 2014f. devel/p5-Devel-CheckLib 2014-08-31T07:09:04Z - Update to 1.02<br /><br />Changes: devel/rubygem-gitlab_meta 2014-08-31T05:57:50Z devel/rubygem-gitlab_meta: update to 7.0 net/rubygem-gitlab_omniauth-ldap 2014-08-31T05:53:35Z net/rubygem-gitlab_omniauth-ldap: update to 1.0.4 www/rubygem-gitlab-gollum-lib 2014-08-31T05:48:53Z www/rubygem-gitlab-gollum-lib: update to 1.1.0 www/rubygem-gitlab-grack 2014-08-31T05:42:41Z www/rubygem-gitlab-grack: update to 1.1.0 textproc/rubygem-gitlab-grit 2014-08-31T05:39:17Z textproc/rubygem-gitlab-grit: update to 2.7.0 devel/rubygem-gitlab_git 2014-08-31T05:33:27Z devel/rubygem-gitlab_git: update to 6.2.1 devel/rubygem-github_api 2014-08-31T05:22:42Z devel/rubygem-github_api: update to 0.12.1 textproc/rubygem-github-linguist 2014-08-31T05:16:11Z textproc/rubygem-github-linguist: update to 3.1.2 textproc/rubygem-charlock_holmes 2014-08-31T04:58:30Z textproc/rubygem-charlock_holmes: update to 0.7.3<br /><br />newer version will be needed by rubygem-github-linguist<br /><br />With hat: ruby@ devel/rubygem-rugged 2014-08-31T04:35:57Z devel/rubygem-rugged: add port for rubygem-rugged<br /><br />Rugged is a Ruby bindings to the libgit2 linkable C Git library.<br /><br />WWW: mail/opensmtpd mail/opensmtpd-devel 2014-08-31T04:13:16Z - Fix rc.d script so it can distinguish between smtpd processes<br /> running between host and jail<br /><br />Submitted by: Creaky &lt;whatexercise at; (via private email) textproc/rubygem-nokogiri 2014-08-31T04:10:30Z textproc/rubygem-nokogiri: update to devel/py-pytest 2014-08-31T03:56:03Z devel/py-pytest: Update to 2.6.1<br /><br />- Update to 2.6.1<br />- Add LICENSE_FILE<br />- Update COMMENT (from upstream)<br />- RUN_DEPENDS: Add mock, update pylib minimum version<br />- Modernize Python framework entries<br />- Canonicalize regression-test target<br />- pkg-descr: Strip trailing slash from WWW: URL<br /><br />Changes:<br /><br /> *<br /><br />QA: 1055 passed, 39 skipped, 10 xfailed in 89.95 seconds<br />Approved by: maintainer (via email) devel/py-pylib 2014-08-31T03:54:20Z devel/py-pylib: Update to 1.4.23<br /><br />- Update to 1.4.23<br />- Add LICENSE_FILE<br />- Modernize Python framework entries<br />- pkg-descr: Strip trailing slash from WWW: URL<br /><br />Changes:<br /><br /> *<br /><br />Approved by: maintainer (via email)