FreeBSD Monitor - Feeds::ports_commits 2014-07-25T09:01:30Z FreeBSD Monitor net/p5-Net-HTTP 2014-07-25T09:01:30Z - update to 6.07 polish/ekg2 2014-07-25T08:32:27Z - Fix build on current<br />- Reword options descriptions to current standards<br />- Use CONFIGURE_WITH helper databases/py-geoalchemy2 2014-07-25T07:43:01Z - Add py-geoalchemy2 0.2.4<br /><br />GeoAlchemy 2 provides extensions to SQLAlchemy for working with spatial<br />databases. GeoAlchemy 2 focuses on PostGIS. PostGIS 1.5 and PostGIS 2 are<br />supported. GeoAlchemy 2 aims to be simpler than its predecessor, GeoAlchemy.<br />Simpler to use, and simpler to maintain.<br /><br />Git repository:<br /><br />WWW: sysutils/freeipmi 2014-07-25T07:35:40Z - Revert r362762<br /><br />Suggested by: tijl science/udunits 2014-07-25T07:35:24Z - Revert r362761<br /><br />Suggested by: tijl net/haproxy 2014-07-25T07:34:07Z Update to version 1.5.3. graphics/geos 2014-07-25T05:31:12Z - Fix PLIST<br /><br />Reported by: pi cad/netgen 2014-07-25T04:51:29Z - Link with multimedia/ffmpeg0 instead of multimedia/ffmpeg (only applies when<br /> the option FFMPEG is set).<br />- Bump portrevision.<br /><br />PR: 192074<br />Submitted by: Ivan Klymenko &lt;; net/ntp-devel 2014-07-25T04:27:12Z Bump PORTREVISION. net/ntp-devel 2014-07-25T04:26:22Z Make the SIGND option not default. The SIGND option will degrade<br />performance and is only recommended when needed on machines that<br />are SMB servers.<br /><br />Recommended by: Harlan Stenn &lt;; (ntpd upline) net/libbgpdump 2014-07-25T03:50:39Z net/libbgpdump: add link to bitbucket to pkg-descr<br /><br /> net/libbgpdump 2014-07-25T03:50:02Z net/libbgpdump: add patch from bitbucket<br /><br /><br /><br />PR: 192091<br />Submitted by:<br />Approved by: (maintainer) www/owncloud 2014-07-25T02:06:15Z Update to 7.0.0<br /><br />PR: ports/192089<br />Submitted by: pi textproc/weka 2014-07-25T01:41:05Z - Update from 3-6-8 to 3-6-11<br />- Take maintainership print/latex2rtf 2014-07-25T01:15:35Z - Update from 2.0.0 to 2.3.8<br />- Add stage support<br />- Take maintainership audio/py3-pylast 2014-07-25T00:44:01Z - Add py3-pylast 0.5.11 dns/gdnsd 2014-07-24T23:37:10Z - Remove the duplication of gdnsd_flags in command_args<br /><br />PR: ports/192102<br />Submitted by: Allan Jude &lt;; print/gsview 2014-07-24T23:19:54Z - Add stage support multimedia/lives 2014-07-24T22:08:14Z - Fix fetch by using SourceForge mirrors<br />- Tarball has been rerolled by author:<br /><br /> math/octave-forge-quaternion 2014-07-24T21:30:59Z - Update to 2.2.2.