FreeBSD Monitor
2014-08-22 23:11:59
- bsd-user: fix sysctl hw.physmem if host bitsize != target's.

Reported by: sbruno
2014-08-22 22:06:37
Update from 4.0.48 to 4.0.49:

o) www/rubygem-passenger;
o) third-party modules for www/nginx and www/nginx-devel.


* Upgraded the preferred Nginx version to 1.6.1.
* Fixed a crash that may be triggered by the `passenger_max_requests` feature.
* Introduced the `spawn_failed` hook, which is called when an application
process fails to spawn. You could use this hook to setup an error
notification system. Closes GH-1252.
* Fonts, RSS and XML are now gzip-compressed by default in Phusion Passenger
Standalone. Thanks to Jacob Elder. Closes GH-1254.
* Fixed some user and group information lookup issues. Closes GH-1253.
* Fixed some request handling crashes. Closes GH-1250.
* Fixed some compilation problems on Gentoo. Closes GH-1261.
* Fixed some compilation problems on Solaris. Closes GH-1260.

2014-08-22 22:05:51
devel/rubygem-rubygems-tasks: add port for rubygem-rubygems-tasks

Agnostic and unobtrusive Rake tasks for managing and releasing Ruby Gems.

2014-08-22 21:49:41
devel/hs-readline: Restore adamw's -current fix

The massive ghc update (rev 364579) removed Adam's fix (rev 362452)
unintentionally. Add USES=readline back again; DF needs it too.
2014-08-22 21:42:11
Update to version 1.4

This fixes an issue generating filesystems with a size exactly divisible
by 4GB.
2014-08-22 20:14:26
Add USES=libtool and INSTALL_TARGET=install-strip
2014-08-22 20:01:49
Update 3.6.0alpha2 --> 3.6.0a3

Submitted by: Peter Czanik <[email protected]> (syslog-ng upline)
2014-08-22 19:56:58
XT gyoretsu - extended ncurses version of "Renshu-cho gyoretsu"

Goal of the game is to clear entire field by matching pairs of
neighbouring (adjacent or on the same line/column without any other
numbers in between) numbers, which must be either equal, or their
sum must be equal to strike out sum.

2014-08-22 19:38:15
- Convert to USES=libtool and INSTALL_TARGET=install-strip
- Remove old patch for gcc 2.x
2014-08-22 19:33:20
- Fix CXX not being respected. This original fix seemed to work only because
scons tries c++, then g++. If you had g++ installed then it would use that
regardless of CXX. Just pull CXX out of the environment intead.
2014-08-22 18:51:46
Fix staging when port is alredy installed on system.

Reported by: Jeff Molofee <jeff.molofee at>
2014-08-22 18:31:21
sysutils/rubygem-capistrano: update to 3.2.1

PR: 190035
Submitted by: Rustem Alimov <[email protected]
2014-08-22 18:06:48
- Stagify
- Update WWW

PR: 192810
Submitted by: [email protected]
2014-08-22 17:36:50
Convert to USES=libtool and add INSTALL_TARGET=install-strip
2014-08-22 17:34:51
japanese/ruby-mecab: fix LICENSE, strip shared library

PR: 191310
Submitted by: Yasuhiro KIMURA <[email protected]>
2014-08-22 17:10:20
- Optionize for Graphviz and LaTeX (enabled by default, so hopefully the
rest of the ports tree that uses Doxygen for their documentation aren't
adversely affected)
- Use new OPTIONS framework helpers
- PDFDOCS relies on both the LATEX and HTMLDOCS options to be enabled
- Remove a couple patches that believed to have no effect on PDFDOCS build
because it should've been setting HAVE_LATEX in MAKE_ARGS instead of
HAVE_PDFDOCS (which was done by a previous commit that submitter was
unaware of back when it happened, but never should've happened to begin
- While here: sort USES, remove MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE [*], and cleanup Makefile,
use correct spelling of PostScript and PDF in port description text

[*] Except cleaning targets, use more robust make(1) syntax of -C, albeit
I did not find evidence that cd ... ; $(MAKE) syntax was causing build
failures with -jX. Still, -C is better and safer in general.

PR: 192732
Submitted by: maintainer
Reviewed by: marino